Tapping into Tartan Talent: leading temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland


Cucumber Recruitment is a leading temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland. Below we will highlight the challenges currently facing the healthcare system in Scotland and why we can support you.

Healthcare staffing levels in Scotland

In late 2023, The British Medical Association (BMA) published the results of a survey into the staffing levels of the NHS workforce in Scotland.

The study went some way towards revealing the true extent of healthcare staffing challenges in the country, with its outcomes being less than heartening.

One particularly sobering statistic revealed that 80% of the 610 respondents – all of whom worked in the Scottish medical sector – believed that the staffing levels of the healthcare teams with whom they engaged were either occasionally or even frequently unsafe. Just 1% felt that the department in which they worked was always staffed to a safe level.

While the survey makes it clear that the medical sector in Scotland requires urgent and fundamental change, it also lays bare the vital need for care providers and medical centres to have swift and effective access to short and long-term temporary cover at the briefest notice possible.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to find top-quality staff quickly, without any delays to make sure the necessary background checks and training are completed. The stress and complexity of this process can be significantly relieved through the use of a specialist temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland.

In this article, the team at Cucumber explains why it may well be an excellent idea to engage a recruitment specialist to match you with the best temporary healthcare staff in Scotland.

Why consider temporary healthcare staff in Scotland for your immediate staffing needs?

Use of a trustworthy temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland can make all the difference to the quality of care your organisation is able to provide – as well as the well-being and stress levels of management and other team members.

Cucumber is well-placed to provide care-centred organisations across Scotland with fully-trained medical specialists in a range of disciplines.

The process is simple and smooth, taking the pressure off your organisation and providing superb results.

What challenges do temporary healthcare staffing agencies in Scotland address?

With the medical sector in Scotland dangerously understaffed as things stand, a temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland is a resource that may prove vital and allows for the arrangement of temporary care workers at short notice to support other staff and most importantly the people they care for.

With a shortage of staff leading to health risks and complications as it is, additional challenges may be presented when medical and care centre managers are not aware of staff absences until the last minute – a situation that is all too common.

This puts significant pressure on their team and reduces the quality of the service they are able to provide.

In many instances, understaffing can prove dangerous, with a lack of personnel and resources resulting in insufficient levels of vital care.

At times like this, the ability to easily recruit fully trained and experienced staff at short notice can make all the difference.

What sets apart Cucumber as a leading temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland?

Cucumber Recruitment launched in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength, connecting trained professionals with healthcare organisations to fill both short and long-term positions.

The company offers a range of facets that places it head and shoulders above competitors. Firstly, we invest in all staff on our books to ensure that they receive up to date training and to provide them with numerous opportunities to progress in their careers.

Every individual on our books has been thoroughly vetted and holds up to date paperwork – including background checks from Disclosure Scotland. Best practice is our standard, and we are proud to offer high attendance levels for your peace of mind.

What’s more, our rates are highly competitive and flexible, to keep our services as affordable and as practical as you need.

We communicate clearly and respond to all queries immediately, which means you’ll have easy access to support and advice at all times.

What other services does Cucumber offer?

Not only is Cucumber a temporary healthcare recruiter in Scotland, but we can also match you with care providers on a more long-term or even permanent basis.

The workers on our books range from care support workers to healthcare assistants to nurses, clinical specialists, mental health care providers, managers and more.

Our clients include care homes, hospices, medical centres and hospitals.

How can I arrange temporary healthcare support in Scotland at short notice?

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your healthcare organisation to remain fully staffed at all times – even at short notice – don’t hesitate to contact the team at Cucumber today.

We’ll be very happy to talk through all of your requirements and explore ways in which we can help you to keep everything running smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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