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Connecting Care, Building Careers​

We are a leading healthcare staffing agency specialising in providing quick, efficient cover for the healthcare sector.

We are more than a nursing agency, we support short-notice temporary healthcare staffing or longer-term employees; we have pre-screened compliant candidates in our databases to fit any requirements you have.

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Connecting Care Providers with World Class Talent

As a professional healthcare recruitment and healthcare staffing agency specialising in providing employees and staff to care organisations across the UK, our competitive edge is our ability to provide you with compliant, qualified, and reliable healthcare professionals at lightning speed. 

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Healthcare Assistants (HCA)​

Cucumber healthcare staffing has thousands of healthcare assistants onboarded who have already provided Right to Work and Mandatory training documents. Our staff get great benefits such as weekly pay and 24/7 support.

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Specialist Care Staff​

Cucumber Healthcare Staffing understands the unique challenges and critical importance of providing top-tier professionals for autism and mental health support.

We are committed to matching exceptional healthcare specialists with the organisations and facilities that need them most.

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Nurse Staffing

As a leading nursing agency, nurse staffing is in Cucumber Recruitments DNA, and our quality pre-screened candidates are a testament to our passion for nurse staffing.

Cucumber has you covered when you are looking for nurse staff to cover a shift or a long-term appointment.

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Temporary Healthcare Staff

Cucumber Recruitment is an industry leader in supplying the UK with temporary healthcare staff.

We provide nursing, care and support services. All our temporary staff are experienced and patient-focused and have all required up-to-date compliance/training documents.

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Children's Services Staffing

As a leading provider of children’s services staffing solutions, Cucumber offers highly efficient solutions that enable you to recruit children’s services staff at short notice.

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Urgent Staffing

We know that gaps in your staff can appear at exceptionally short notice, making it vital to connect with excellent potential candidates extremely quickly. If scenarios of this kind sound all too familiar, Cucumber can help you.

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There are hundreds of agencies that claim to understand healthcare. However, our desire and dedication to supporting our clients and staff sets us apart, and we are at the forefront of technology to help our clients ease the burden of staffing.

Cucumber Healthcare Recruitment finds candidates and staff through a multi-faceted approach, including online job boards, professional networking platforms, social media outreach, and partnerships.

Additionally, they employ targeted recruitment strategies tailored to the healthcare industry. This diverse approach ensures they attract qualified candidates across various disciplines within the healthcare sector.

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