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We are a leading staffing agency specialising in providing quick, efficient cover for the healthcare sector.

We have thousands of onboarded, fully compliant staff ready on rapid response, to assist with any urgent last minute requirements.

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As a professional healthcare agency specialising in providing staff to care organisations across the UK, our competitive edge is being able to provide you with healthcare professionals who are compliant, qualified, and reliable at lightening speed. 

Whether you’re looking to fill a single care support worker or find a dedicated staffing provider for multiple shifts, our team, with decades of experience, will tailor a solution that will save you time and money. 
Healthcare assistant recruitment

Healthcare Assistants (HCA)

Cucumber have thousands of Healthcare Assistants onboarded who have already provided Right to Work and Mandatory training documents. Our staff get great benefits such as weekly pay and 24/7 support.

Specialist Care Staff

Cucumber Healthcare understand the unique challenges and critical importance of providing top-tier professionals for autism and mental health support. We are committed to matching exceptional healthcare specialists with the organisations and facilities that need them most.

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Care Support Workers

We have a vast array of care supporters across the UK who have completed all compliance requirements, ready to work. Our staff app ensures all our agency care support workers don’t miss shifts and complete timesheets correctly, on time. 

Registered Nurses (RN)

Highly trained professionals, RNs have completed a nursing degree or diploma and provide premium levels of healthcare to patients. Cucumber can provide cover for your staffing shortages as we have many registered nurses onboarded and ready to work.

Why Work for Cucumber?

Weekly Pay

Budgeting weekly is easier than monthly. And we commit to paying all our agency staff on time every time.

Higher Wages

In most cases (approx. 90%), we pay more than the industry average. So you know you’re maximising your earnings.

Make a Difference

Every healthcare worker in the UK is valued highly. Be part of a team who changes people’s lives daily.

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Live Jobs

As a professional healthcare staffing agency, we supply staff to healthcare organisations around the whole of the UK. So, you’ll work for us, and we’ll pay your wages directly and deal with your tax, NI, holiday pay, and pension contributions.

About Cucumber

We understand the challenges within healthcare, and as a leading healthcare staffing agency, we pride ourselves on our agency staff staying with us for multiple placements in residential care homes.

We believe in respecting everyone and providing the highest possible service to our staff and clients. Our service levels are maintained through rigorous staff screening and continued career development and training support.

Working for Cucumber?

Our experience in the UK healthcare industry means we understand all the requirements for the roles we place. We ensure our staff are placed in reputable organisations as their health and well-being are our primary concerns.


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