How to impress at a healthcare interview


Healthcare interviews can be tough, but it’s possible to overcome nerves and make a good impression with the right amount of practice. Healthcare specialists encounter unique situations every day which require professional knowledge. Interview questions help show that you’re qualified while also allowing the interviewer to get a better understanding of who you are as a person.

Set clear goals

During the interview, you need to describe the career goals you have in mind that will be achievable and include the employer in the plan. How will you achieve these goals? Are they realistic and defined?

Impress with your knowledge

Every interviewer wants to be wooed, they want to know that you have done your research and have some insight and understanding of the company or facility you are interviewing for. If it is a care home, research their practices and whether they have won any awards or have great reviews. By demonstrating that you can find and apply information to the role, you stand much more chance of impressing the interviewer. Employers value interviewees who show a genuine interest in their organisation by talking about their recent campaigns or projects. Many healthcare institutions have different specialities, so you can refer to the expertise present.

Sell yourself

No one wants to employ a meek, timid person who cannot express themselves or demonstrate their own capability. You have to sell yourself and impress at a healthcare interview. Talk about your experience and relate it to specific tasks that demonstrate appropriate skills that will be transferable in the role. Give real examples of ‘how’ you have achieved a positive outcome, and specify what these were and the benefits. Be clear about what your personal contribution was. Remember to use ‘I’ rather than ‘we’. Make sure you understand the organisation’s mission and can talk about why it is important to you.

Talk about yourself

Give a broad overview of your work/educational history and throw in something outside of the job that you’re passionate about to let them know you’re interesting, not just qualified. They are looking for someone that can work well within their company or facility, that can fit in with the team and adapt and develop themselves in the role. 

Ask questions

In order to impress at a healthcare interview it is important to ask questions about the role, the responsibilities and duties you will have and about the company the role is for. 

  • What are the ultimate goals of this medical institution?
  • Is there an opportunity for an induction? 
  • What are the next steps of the process?
  • What will my first three months look like?
  • How will my job change over the first year?

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