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Testimonials from our valued clients.

Do you have questions about the way in which our mental health staffing works? Below, we’ve answered the ones we are most regularly asked.

The term “specialist healthcare staffing” refers to an area focusing on professionals with experience and training in the field of mental health. Cucumber offers this form of agency service to clients all across the UK.

The Cucumber team has experience in mental health care staffing in a wide range of disciplines, including mental health.

We’ve been operational since 2018 and, since that time, we’ve delivered exceptional service to care homes, medical centres, hospices, live-in care facilities and hospitals – connecting highly trained mental health professionals with relevant staffing opportunities.

Absolutely. We are highly qualified in providing healthcare staff for our clients, and we also provide high-quality training opportunities for the staff on our books – offering local care compliance qualifications and ensuring that each professional’s paperwork and accreditation remains in date.

We provide general and specialist members of healthcare staff in both short-term and long-term positions.

From care assistants to nurses, therapists and members of your management team, you’ll find the perfect solution to your next staffing issue when you hire with Cucumber. Not only that, but when we provide the personnel you require, their first shift is on us!

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