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Nurse Staffing Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive database of highly skilled healthcare workers makes our process swift and secure.

As soon as a prospective client reaches out to us to enquire about available professionals, a team member will search our roster and reach out to individuals matching that client’s requirements regarding experience and qualifications.

It’s a very slick process that can connect healthcare organisations with their perfect staff members promptly.

Absolutely. At Cucumber, we are all too aware that one of the main causes of recruitment delays is a lack of up-to-date paperwork, background checks and training.

We invest in all of the staff in our database to ensure that their qualifications, documentation, and registrations remain current.

We even provide in-house training to help workers progress and specialise – which means that the staff you engage through Cucumber will have even more to offer.

We certainly are – since our organisation launched in 2018, we have been busy providing medical and care-focused organisations across the UK with a wide range of fully trained and qualified staff – including nurses, healthcare assistants, care support workers, administrators, managers and more.

Yes, we do. Whether you’re planning to hire a nurse to cover a shift, take on a contracted role, or provide temporary cover, all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll connect you with the best possible nurses on our books.

We know that the requirements of medical and healthcare organisations can vary significantly – and that many require very quick solutions to staffing issues without any compromise in quality – so our process has been carefully developed to meet these needs.

The experts at Cucumber have decades of experience with crucial gaps in any team quickly and effectively, and often at very short notice.

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