What’s Involved In Returning To a Nursing Career After a Break?

If you’ve had a break from a nursing career and have decided that you want to return to the profession there are several different things you would need to keep in view. There are certain steps you need to takeo get back on the Nursing or Midwife Council register. The process can be a little daunting, but it isn’t something you can ignore.

Things To Keep In View

Here we take a look at what’s involved in the process. This will help you make the transition as seamlessly as possible:

• As a qualified nurse, you are required to meet the standard practice hours’ guidelines to stay on the NMC register.
• Failure to meet this standard will necessitate that you go through the re registration requirements that the NMC has set.
• If you’ve worked as a nurse in the last 3yrs (450 hrs)/5yrs (750 hrs) you can apply for readmission onto the register, but you also need to meet all the other required criteria.
• If you haven’t met the minimum requirements, you would have to complete a Return to Practice course. This could vary in length from 3 mths – 1 year at university.
• You can apply for nursing posts advertised in the United Kingdom only if you are registered with the NMC.
• Unless you have a current registration with the NMC (or are soon to get the registration) you would not be eligible to apply for any nursing job.

An Active NMC Registration Is A Must

In order to legally work in the UK as a nurse, it is necessary that your NMC registration be active. For whatever reason, if this particular registration lapses, you would be committing a criminal offence if you continue your job as a nurse. While in employment, if you omit to renew the registration, you might face disciplinary action from your employer.

It’s essential to keep in view that it can take two to six weeks for the readmission process to get completed. As you can see, there is a specific process that you need to follow if you are considering getting back to a nursing career after a long break. Check the validity of your NMC registration before you start with any job application process.