What Is the CQC And What Is Its Function?

If you have worked in the healthcare domain in the UK for some time, or aspire to, you must have heard of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It is an independent regulator of adult social care and health in England. They make sure social care and health services provide people with effective, high-quality, compassionate, safe care and they encourage these care services to grow and improve.

Organisations That TheCQC Regulates

1. Acute Services (ACS)

All the services in this category vary greatly and are quite complex. However, they typically provide surgical and/or medical diagnosis,investigations, and the treatment of disease, injury, physical condition, or illness. They provide services to children as well as adults. They may also provide services to a particular group of people or a wide range of individuals.

ACS professionals provide a variety of services for conditions in which curative treatment isn’t an option any longer and individuals are nearing the end of their life. The support, treatment,and care can be provided either in the community or accommodation and could be short or long-term care. It could be provided through a day care service or at an inpatient facility.

2. Long-Term Conditions Services (LTC)

These particular services provide a variety of highly specialised treatment support and care to those with neurological or physical illnesses, injuries/ cognitive impairments that don’t have any chances of improving. 

People using these specific services need the support of expert medical practitioners as well as a range of healthcare professionals. Their intervention, support,and care might involve technical interventions including ventilation.

3. Hyperbaric chamber services (HBC)

These involve the administration of gases like oxygen to an individual in a sealed chamber which is slowly pressurised with compressed air. These services are carried out under the supervision of or by a medical practitioner.

In addition to these services, the CQC also regulates hospital services for those with learning disabilities, mental health needs, and/or issues with substance misuse (MLS), Prison healthcare services (PHS), Rehabilitation services (RHS) and many more…

Registration With The CQC

Any individual, organisation or partnership who provides any form of regulated activity in the UK is required to be registered with the CQC, by law. In order to be registered, the applicant needs to fill an application providing details about themselves.

They also need to include details about the regulated activities they are applying for, as well as the places from/at which, the service will be provided. The CQCwill thoroughly assess the applicant and need to be satisfiedwith their compliance&fitness with the requirements of the relevant enactments and regulations.