What Does an Education Support Worker Do?

Education support work is slightly different from what a typical support worker’s job. If you decide to go down this career path, there are certain things you would need to know about it. Here we take a look at what you can expect.

Technically, an education support worker has a similar job role to a regular support worker. You will still be supporting your service users in various daily activities. However, you will also be out with them while they are studying.

The Education Support Worker’s Job Role

As an education support worker,you will be working to help students get access to education with the same levels of opportunity that any person would expect from an educational establishment. The student might have some type of sensory or physical impairment, which doesn’t sync with traditional teaching. Sometimes, the student may have a specific behavioural issue or learning difficulty that makes it very challenging for them to learn in a typical classroom.

The type of support that you, as an education support worker provide changes based on whether the person has any physical impairments. Your job would involve assisting them with their toileting and personal care as required, as well as supporting them to get around between classes at school.

Categories Of Service Users

If the student has some difference in their sensory ability, you might have to work with translation and communication. For example, if you are fulfilling the role of a communication support worker, you may be required to translate what the teacher is saying into sign language for the student. The different categories of students that you may be helping as part of your education support worker job include:

• Children with autism.
• High-functioning individuals that are perfectly capable of socialising but have a tendency to write excessively.
• Students with impairments such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, and dyscalculia.

Some of these learning impairments require you to assist with comprehension, reading, practical concerns as well as writing. All of these learning difficulties are related to the input & output of information. So your job might involve helping the student to formulate sentences, write down the workings for maths questions, as well as answer questions.

You may also have to work with them to ensure they are safe in areas like the kitchen etc. In the case of behavioural issues, the education support worker would have to support students in behaving appropriately while in the classroom.This job is challenging yet fulfilling all at once and requires skill, dedication, and presence of mind.