Want to work in healthcare? 


Do you want to work in health care and are looking for a new role? Read out tips on what advice you need to know for a new position in healthcare.

Working in any role within the healthcare industry takes much consideration and a particular set of skills. 

It is important to recognise the skills that you may have naturally that could go a long way towards securing a healthcare role; skills such as:

  • Resilience 
  • Caring nature
  • Strong work ethic

There are so many roles within the sector that there is a healthcare position to suit everyone. From customer service-related roles in hospitality to office-based jobs, people from all walks of life can change careers and move into the healthcare sector. 

Want to work in healthcare? We’ve put together a list of the key transferable skills for a rewarding and successful change of career.

Transferrable Skills 

Time management skills are essential to care work as it’s a time-restricted job. Have you had to master the school run, doctor or dentist appointments and your own priorities? Being well-organised means bringing this skill to a new role and managing your time well.

Communication skills

Being aware of what you say, how you say it and your body language is key when working with patients and their families. Think about how giving a presentation to your boss is different to how you speak to your family at home, but it’s equally important to tailor your communication for both. In addition to being outgoing and approachable, caring for others largely involves listening, understanding and recognising an individual’s needs.

Work ethic

Are you capable of seeing a job through to the end and doing it well? A strong work ethic is key in a role in the healthcare industry as you will be expected to be able to work independently at times and be able to complete tasks diligently. Overcoming obstacles and seeing them through until the end is a valuable skill. If you’ve made your way through stormy weather to get your family shop at the supermarket, you can use this example of commitment to demonstrate your ability to see a job done well.


Any role in healthcare can be a challenging one and you must demonstrate the resilience you have in any given situation.  The nature of the roles can mean you can be working with people suffering and in distress day in and day out and you must be able to withstand the pressure this can be on you mentally. 

At the end of each shift, you’ll be able to head home knowing that you’ve made a real difference to residents’ quality of life. The care you provide to people daily will be valued, appreciated and vital to sustaining their quality of life.

Many people are equipped with the skills to succeed in a career in health care. It’s a common misconception that you need experience but that isn’t always the case. Want to work in healthcare? We can provide all the training and support you need, you just need to provide the passion.

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