How to nail your healthcare job interview.


Top Questions and Answers to help you secure your next role in healthcare.

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing industries. As a result, knowing how to prepare for an interview in this space is essential. Whether you’re a student looking into online healthcare degrees or a professional looking for a career change, there are some common lines of questioning you can expect from a job interview. and how to nail it. To develop potential answers, here’s what you need to know about each question.

“Tell me about yourself.”

This is the ultimate stump question. It takes some serious thought and consideration on how to answer this in an appropriate and job-relevant way. What do you talk about? What don’t you talk about? How do you make yourself sound interesting and sincere? It can be difficult to answer, as it usually requires a thorough explanation with specific examples of experiences and achievements. The interviewer wants to hear certain key phrases that tick off some of the attributes that they are looking for so you need to prepare answers that respond to situations and experiences that are relevant to the role. You must highlight specific examples that illustrate how your skills will benefit the role. 

  • Focusing on your passion for healthcare
  • Highlighting specific reasons why you’re interested in the healthcare industry
  • Using examples of how you have demonstrated healthcare-related skills

No matter what you say, though, keep your answer sincere and focused. They may not be looking for someone who has everything but shows enthusiasm and an ability to learn and develop themselves. Remember that job skills can be taught but a great attitude and work ethos cannot. 

“Why did you choose to apply?”

Be honest and confident when answering this question to help the hiring manager assess how interested and passionate you are about the organisation and role. Healthcare organisations often attract people who are looking for more than just a job. So, speak to the authentic ways you care about the mission and vision of the company and want to enhance the industry. Be genuine in how you answer and demonstrate that you have understood the role and have some knowledge of the company. Show interest and a thirst to develop your skills and experience. 

  • Highlighting qualities of the organisation that you value
  • Discussing specific reasons why you want to work for this particular employer
  • Expressing your passion for healthcare and how it has inspired you to find the right career path

“What is your biggest strength?”

Try to avoid the obvious answers here like being organised and having great people skills as these are a given and would be expected from anyone applying for this kind of role. You want to demonstrate your strengths and use them to pinpoint your advantage over other candidates. Emphasise strengths that you have gained in other areas of your working life, skills that are transferrable in any role and build on each other.

For example, if you have healthcare experience in clinical settings, highlight how great you are at managing your time and prioritising projects. You can also discuss healthcare-related skills and qualities such as empathy and problem-solving. Talking about your skills can help you be successful and nail your healthcare job interview.

“What is your biggest weakness?”

 This question is designed to make you think about yourself critically and address any area you feel needs developing. Talk about skills and attributes you feel you can improve and develop but leave it open-ended to demonstrate continuous growth and development of your own skills and learning. Always end this answer with tangible ways you’re addressing your weaknesses and how you hope to change them in the future.

Relate your answer to the industry itself. For example, rather than pointing out a personal weakness, it’s best to focus on healthcare-related weaknesses such as perfectionism and over-committing, as these can impact healthcare professionals’ performance in a high-stress environment.

Another example of a healthcare-related weakness is an inability to multitask well. Healthcare professionals must juggle many tasks at once, and not being able to do so efficiently can lead to errors. If you have healthcare experience in clinical settings, highlight how professionals must focus on patient safety and best practices.

“How do you see the future of healthcare?”

This healthcare interview question aims to identify how you can contribute to an organisation and connect your healthcare career goals with the organisation’s objectives. You can choose to discuss innovations or industry challenges. However, it’s important to select one and stay away from discussing both simultaneously. 

Research the company in depth and be able to refer to their current initiatives and processes, use them to relate to your own thoughts and opinions and have a well-thought-out response on recent developments and how they will impact the future of healthcare. For example, if you’re looking for a job in research, talk about specific trends and how clinicians may enhance outcomes by conducting studies. Emphasise what you would do to contribute to industry changes and how these changes will positively impact healthcare in your community.

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