5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Healthcare


Why should you choose a role in healthcare? Our top five reasons to choose are below, do you agree?

Working in healthcare will allow you to reach your desire to help others meanwhile earning a wage. You may help to bring a new life into the world or save another life from ending. Working in healthcare, whether directly or indirectly to another person, you will be changing lives and impacting families.

The NHS is one of the largest healthcare systems in the world and the largest employer in the UK and Europe. Therefore, working in the NHS will allow you to join a team of skilled, devoted and passionate people whose priority is to provide the best healthcare and treatment to their patients.

Making A Difference 

Primarily, a career in healthcare is about helping and serving others. It does not matter whether you are a phlebotomist, a nurse, or a neurosurgeon, the end goal is the same: helping patients. In healthcare, what you do really matters. Everyone contributes to the common goal of helping patients. Helping patients can take on many forms, and there is something for everyone due to the breadth of healthcare as a field. Regardless of how you approach working in healthcare, you will definitely have a passion for making a difference for people in need, by supporting people to remain as independent as possible in the homes they love.

Job Security

A top reason for choosing a role in healthcare. As the nation worries about work and whether their jobs are safe, healthcare facilities are struggling to fill roles. A national shortage of healthcare workers from nurses to technicians means that there will always be something available for you. While shortages are never a good thing, it is not totally negative for job seekers. As there is a nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals across the spectrum of roles, this can be a net positive for someone looking to get into healthcare as a career. More openings equal more opportunities to work in that perfect job.


Finding a role that works around family, home life, and hobbies can be difficult. The flexibility in many healthcare roles allows you to tailor your hours and working pattern to suit your needs. From part-time hours to night shifts, almost all healthcare roles are flexible and will suit most people. If you need childcare during the day then evening and night shifts may work for you. Having that flexibility also keeps the work interesting and varied. If your shifts vary across the month, you get to experience many areas of healthcare and your chosen field. What may happen during the day, could be entirely different in the evening shift. This can help build your experience and skills, making you more employable for other roles in healthcare.

Career Possibilities

The healthcare industry is massive, there are an incredible number of roles available and there is something for everyone. From the more obvious roles like the primary care roles such as doctors and nurses to behind-the-scenes; technicians, porters and cleaners, cooks and pharmacists. The list is endless which means a plethora of options for anyone considering a role in healthcare. 

It is also worth mentioning that most hospitals are always looking for volunteers. While this is not technically a career, it is something to consider as either a great experience towards a career in medicine or a wonderful way to give back to your community.

Competitive Salary

Although many people get into roles within the healthcare system due to a desire to help people; the salary side of things certainly helps. Money isn’t the be-all and end-all for many people working to make the lives of others better, but the fact that they can rely on a steady wage and one that potentially can reach pretty decent levels makes it a great job to consider.

Do you agree with our top 5 reasons to work in the healthcare industry, or have any more you think are worth mentioning?

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