Support workers And Their Roles In The Community

Support workers describe is more of a lifestyle rather than just a basic job. This is because when you work with patients on a long-term basis, you get to know them very well. Support workers in the community will visit individuals that require some assistance in their own home setting.


These could be elderly that don’t have a good level of mobility, or people that have just been discharged from a hospital. There are others that require some basic assistance in order to effectively maintain their independence.


Different Tasks That Support Workers Generally Perform


  • Bathing
  • Personal care
  • Dressing
  • Cooking
  • Minor cleaning tasks if required


The needs of an individual will largely depend on how much treatment they are receiving and what their mobility levels are.


Settings That A Support Worker May Have A Role In


  • In some cases, you might be working independently to make sure your client has healthy home cooked meals every day.
  • In other instances, you might work alongside community nurses as part of general manual handling guidelines that are set down when moving an individual.
  • You may be a support worker for families and children within a community. In this role, you would work closely with children, guardians and parents to provide both, practical and emotional advice.This particular job could involve working alongside a designated case manager or even a social worker.


In short, a major aspect of a support worker’s job is to be able to participate actively as an individual as well as part of a team. A support worker’s job is a highly rewarding one. You will feel a true sense of reward and achievement in the knowledge that the work you do and the support and assistance you provide are helping to improve someone’s life.


Aspects To Keep In View


However, the job isn’t an easy one and there are some things you must keep in view and pay attention to as well. In some settings you might have to work in isolation while others can be quite stressful. This is exactly why you need to be able to recognise early signs of stress and have the strength to ask for help if and when you really need it.


Since there are support worker jobs in various clinical and healthcare settings ranging from maternity and physiotherapy to fields like occupational therapy, it’s important to understand the job description well before applying to any vacancies in the field.