How Busy Nurses Can Manage Their Time Better

Nurses lead very busy lives and their occupation is extremely demanding. You will often find yourself doing several different things and constantly multitasking till the time your shift ends. When you aren’t dealing with the patients, you may find yourself handling calls from colleagues or even from the patient’s family and friends. In simple words, time becomes a very precious commodity for you,and it’s crucial that you learn to manage it well.

Some Tips That Will Help

So how can you make your job more fulfilling and less stressful, while getting everything done right on schedule? How can you handle all those multiple tasks all at once? Here are some tips that can help nurses manage their time in a better way:

• Begin Your Shift Early- If you arrive late for your shift, it just won’t be the best way to start your work day. Your late arrival may end up annoying your colleagues,and if you are always tardy, your supervisors might make a note of this in your permanent record. It’s best to arrive at work on time, read the handover notes,and plan your entire day in a better way.

• Create A To-Do List- Since nurseshave so many different things to attend to, it’s a good idea to create a to-do list and tick every task, as it gets done. It will help ensure you don’t miss doing any of the things you need to get done during the day and you will feel more in control as well.

• Prioritise All Your Tasks- While almost every task you handle may seem critical, it’s necessary that you prioritise them and complete the most critical ones before moving onto the low importance tasks for the day.

• Keep Each Patient’s Priorities In View- Your priorities could be different from what your patients need. This is why you should never assume anything. If you aren’t very sure it’s best to ask your patient what they prefer and handle those tasks accordingly.

• Be Dynamic And Flexible In Your Approach To Work- There will always be new situations that develop during the course if the day and it’s important that you constantly re-assess them. You need to be flexible in your approach rather than have static daily plans.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with too many demands and requests simultaneously from various quarters, learn to say “no”. Following these tips will help nurses manage their time in a much better way.