Home Care Worker’s Tasks

If you are planning on becoming a home care worker, it’s important to know what tasks you would need to fulfill and what your work responsibilities will be.As a home care worker,you’ll be an important part of the daily routine of the person you are assisting. They will be relying on you and the help you provide, to maintain their independence.

What Is Home Care?

Home care is provided to individuals that continue to live in their own homes but need additional support with personal care, household tasks any other activities that allow them to maintain their overall quality of life and independence. Any person at just about any stage of life might need home care including those with physical disabilities, sensory impairment, mental health problems or learning disabilities.

Tailored Care Service

There are certain regulations on the minimum standards of home care that have been issued by the Department of Health. The purpose of all these standards is to make sure an individual living under their own roof doesn’t receive substandard care.Broadly speaking, these standards state that each person has unique and complex needs that need a tailored care approach.

What Does A Home Care Worker Do?

A home care worker’s role is quite similar to that of a community care assistant. Sometimes, these two job titles are used interchangeably, based on what the requirements of the specific position are. This is what a home care worker’s job involves:

  • You’ll be visiting individuals in their own homes to help with personal care and household tasks.
  • Occasionally you’d have to accompany the client to their doctors/hospital appointments. Some home care workers also work nights offering their services to clients that need round the clock care.
  • Every person is different, and their needs vary depending on their situation. A home care worker would provide a full range of personal care right from helping with dressing and washing in the morning to assisting with toileting throughout the day.
  • Sometimes, you may be assisting a person who is fully mobile but requires help with cleaning and cooking because they have a condition like dementia.

There is a wide variety of home care work, and it’s a great profession if you like challenging and changing situations. In order to be a home care worker, you need to be patient, kind and sympathetic and genuinely interested in helping people to maintain their independence and quality of life.