Career Progression That Home Care Workers Have

Home care work is an excellent stepping stone to achieving a good long-term career within the social care field. If you want to know about what progression you can have in this sector, read on…

Home Care Manager

There are a number of opportunities for Home Care workers to study for a QCF Diploma qualification while they work. You will find that employers will often sponsor your training.This can ultimately open the door to moving onto becoming a Home Care Manager.

In this role you might be managing an entire team of home carers, scheduling clients’ care and ensuring that the required standards of care are maintained. You’d also need to make sure that the staff training is up to date.

A Detailed Look At A Home Care Manager’s Role

Home care becomes an excellent background to have if you aspire to move into a Care Home Manager job. You will require the old RMA qualification, QCF/NVQ 4 Diploma in order to become a manager in a Care Home. However, this role can be extremely rewarding. In this role:

  • You will be responsible for the overall management of the care home environment, standards,and staff.
  • It’s your job to ensure that all the staff receives regular training in new guidelines & legislation for delivering care and that the highest standards of care are maintained at all times.

In a care home, the team is typically made up of:

  • Deputy Manager
  • Home care workers
  • A team of staff nurses
  • Healthcare assistants

As the manager of a Care Home, you can expect to earn around £30k or more annually. This remuneration will often increase with your experience. In certain Care Homes, the manager would also need to be a qualified nurse. However, there are a number of Care Home vacancies that don’t have this particular requirement.

Things To Focus On For Progression As A Home Care Worker

As you can see, there is plenty of scope for career progression if you are a Home Care worker. The one way to stay on track is to be exemplary in the services you provide and gain as much experience as you can.

Upgrade your skills and knowledge and focus on gaining the certification you need (in case you want to be a Care Home Manager). If you persist and excel, you will find this to be a very rewarding career that also offers very good salaries.